Rusty Bowers ON THE ISSUES:
Jobs and the Economy
Long-term economic strength is critical to the people of this district and the state. Reducing unnecessary government regulation and spending is critical. Unethical government and business practices are a good place to start in rooting out waste and corruption. We must make fair and honest dealing with each other a priority. Important values such as giving an honest day's work for an honest day's pay are still the best way to build long-term individual and business success. When people have real opportunities and are able to find quality jobs, we strengthen our communities, our businesses and most importantly our families, friends and neighbors.

Both of my parents were educators. I have seen firsthand the tremendous difference that a good education can make in a person's life. We must insist on educational high standards and teach our children the importance of long held American values such as hard work, self-reliance, and individual responsibility. With my long association with the East Valley Institute of Technology, I have seen tremendous growth in students who find a passion and pursue it. With an acquired confidence, people can move into career opportunities prepared and ready to make long term contributions to our economy, our communities, our families and other individuals - it is a blessing that must be available for everyone in our state.

Public Safety
We can do better. One of my top priorities is the protection of individuals, families, and seniors from violent crime, fraud, and predators of any kind. I am a strong supporter of law enforcement and believe that we should hold accountable those who abuse or take advantage of the innocent.

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